Arachnophobia… I has it.

A while ago I had this grand idea that my blog was going to be about my adventures in traveling. I had a plan. That plan was to travel as much as my little heart desired (and as much as my little pockets could manage) and write about it. I would write about the real stuff. The things I loved about it, but the things I hated about it. But things don’t always go to plan. Even something as simple as a blog. So… I’m just going to write. Starting now. Oh… And Dad, I swear a lot.

Arachnophobia… I has it.

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Where To Find a Hero

I didn’t do heroes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always looked up to people. There are people that I strive to be more like in certain ways, but I’ve never been able to truly say that one person is my hero.

I also never wanted to be a hero. In 2003, when a former coworker asked if I’d joined the Marine Corps out of some desire to be a hero, I replied with a somber “No. Heroes don’t come home.” Continue reading

Summer In Spain – Granada

Calle de los Tristes

After the wild night of crazy Spanish futbol fans and being oh so proud of my Ginger Beard, I didn’t sleep much before my early flight to Granada. Regardless, I grabbed my suitcase, hopped on the metro, and made my way to Madrid-Barajas for the short flight to Andalucia.

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Summer in Spain – Madrid

Your mouth is watering isn’t it? Yeah… Mine too. Sadly this is not a post about beer. That is simply the traditional way for me to kick off all of my international flights.

I once again found myself on a flight to Spain, not that I’m complaining. We all know how much I love it. My friend, we’ll call him B, had asked me to meet him there following his month long study abroad in Italy.

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Crossed Off – Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is my own personal Mecca and on 8 January 2012 I finally made the “haj” for a Real Madrid match at their home stadium.

We’d actually begun the trip on 5 January, but you know…

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